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EnChroma Offers Colour Vision for Colour Blind Patients

The world was designed to be seen in brilliant colour. Unfortunately, not everyone was born with the ability to see colour properly. Henderson Vision Centre is proud to carry EnChroma glasses, which are designed to simulate colour vision for people living with colour deficiency.

Watch this video to see the profound impact EnChroma has had on others.

What is Colour Blindness?

Colour blindness, or more accurately, colour deficiency, is a condition that affects an estimated 2.6 million Canadians.

Your eyes use cells called cones to perceive colour. There are three different kinds of cones, each of which detects a different area of the colour spectrum. Colour blindness typically occurs when there are fewer functioning cones than average, or when two types of cones respond to light the same way.

How Does EnChroma Work?

EnChroma uses highly-advanced technology called multi-notch filtering to block out certain frequencies of light. By absorbing specific wavelengths, EnChroma makes it easier for the eye to distinguish the differences between some colours and gives the wearer a more accurate perception of the colours of light entering the eye.

How to Borrow EnChroma Glasses

Once you have arrived for your pre-scheduled appointment one of our team members will help you determine which EnChroma lenses are best suited for your unique vision needs. All appointments are subject to a $25 fee.

If you decide that EnChroma might be right for you we will give you a pair of sample EnChroma glasses to take home for a one week trial period. Before you leave, you will be charged a $400 deposit on your sample glasses. Should you change your mind about your new EnChroma glasses simply bring your glasses with you to your follow-up appointment and receive a $375 refund ($400 minus the $25 appointment fee).

If you decide that you want to invest in a pair of EnChroma glasses we will apply the $400 deposit to your retail purchase. EnChroma glasses start at $490.

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