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Safety Eyewear

Accidents Happen All the Time. A Good Pair of Safety Eyewear Are Often the Difference Between Sight and Accidental Blindness.

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Vision that is lost can not generally be restored. This is why it is so critical to maintain the integrity of your eyesight via preventative eye care. In the vast majority of eye injury cases, safety eyewear would have prevented or significantly reduced injury.

Every day, 700 Canadian workers injure their eyes on the job. In most cases, injury would have been prevented by a simple, inexpensive pair of safety glasses.

Safety eyewear is akin the a helmet for your eyes- it’s an important piece of equipment designed to protect your eyes and preserve your sight. You can find safety glasses designed to fit over top of your eyeglasses; if you’d prefer, you could get a pair of safety glasses set to your prescription.

More Information About Safety Glasses

Safety eyewear is much stronger than standard eyewear. Prescription safety glasses offer you exceptional protection without impairing your vision. If you are unsure of which is right for you, please ask when you are in- we would be happy to help you find the right pair.

See also: sports & speciality eyewear.

Safety eyewear that meets the Standards Council of Canada (SCCOC) or American National Standards Institute (ANSI) will have better durability and impact resistance compared to eyewear that does not.

Manufacturers that conform to these standards have to test the performance of their eyewear to ensure their applicability.

Most people recognize the importance of wearing safety glasses when at work. However, when at home, wearing safety glasses is also important when performing tasks that may result in an eye injury.

The eye is a delicate organ- take care to protect it when the opportunity for an eye injury exists.

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