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What Types of Myopia Control Lenses Are Available?

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Imagine you could take steps to reduce your child’s risk of developing high myopia or experiencing retinal issues as they grow older. That isn’t just a dream—it’s a reality. Myopia control has come a long way over the years, and by using specialty lenses from an optometrist, you can significantly reduce how much myopia will affect your child’s life. So, what types of myopia control lenses are available?

Here at Henderson Vision Centre, we offer MiSight contact lenses and MiYOSMART, eyeglass lenses, 2 extremely efficient options to help reduce how far your child’s myopia will progress.

What Is Myopia?

If you can see clearly when something is a few feet away but struggle to see anything much further, it’s probably myopia. More commonly known as nearsightedness, myopia is an extremely common refractive error that affects an estimated 30% of Americans.

A problem with the shape of your eye causes this condition. Either the eyeball itself grows too long, or the cornea is curved incorrectly. Either way, the result is the same: light doesn’t focus on the retina, and things become blurrier the further they get from the eye.

While it isn’t fully understood why myopia develops, it’s believed that genetics, certain environmental factors, and lifestyle factors can impact its development. This condition is progressive, usually developing in early childhood. As the eye grows, myopia often gets worse, then stabilizes around the age of 20.

What Is Myopia Control?

Because myopia is progressive and usually takes over a decade to stabilize, an experienced optometrist can employ certain techniques to reduce how much the eye changes shape over time. While it can’t be fully stopped, myopia can be effectively managed and controlled to some extent. Because of this, these techniques are called “myopia control.”

Traditional correction methods like glasses and standard contact lenses help manage myopia, offering clear vision without causing further problems. But myopia control takes it further; it’s about slowing down or halting the condition’s progression.

Think of it as a proactive approach to treating myopia. It’s much more effective in younger patients since their eyes haven’t changed too much. Once the eye stabilizes, it can’t be reversed without corrective surgery. Myopia control aims to step in long before that becomes a possibility.

So, when it comes to myopia control, what are your options?

Myopia Control Contact Lenses: MiSight

Here at Henderson Vision Centre, we understand that preferences can differ. Some people prefer eyeglasses, while others love the convenience of contact lenses.

For myopia control contact lenses, we recommend the MiSight contact lenses. They’re an exceptional approach that has been proven to significantly reduce how far myopia progresses.

These are soft contact lenses with a unique twist. Instead of just improving vision, a bullseye-shaped design is incorporated into the lens. This changes how light focuses on the retina and forces something called “periphery defocus” to cue the eyes to stop growing. The centre of the lens is for clarity; the outside is for myopia reduction.

By doing so, the eye’s natural growth is slowed, addressing both central and peripheral areas to achieve this balance.

Myopia Control Eyeglass Lenses: MiYOSMART,

But what if your child doesn’t like contact lenses? They aren’t for everybody, after all. There’s a wonderful alternative for children who don’t want to wear contact lenses: MiYOSMART, eyeglasses lenses. These specialty eyeglass lenses have been proven to reduce myopia progression by almost 60%.

They’re similar to regular eyeglass lenses but incorporate a unique honeycomb-shaped treatment area to force periphery defocus. Similar to MiSight, the centre of the lens provides clear vision while the altered segment of the lens does the rest.

And even better? These lenses aren’t easily breakable. Your child will be active and on the go, so these lenses are thin, light, and break-resistant. Your child can get clear vision through a resilient pair of myopia-control glasses.

The Benefits of Myopia Control

The rewards of myopia control lenses extend beyond just clearer vision. Remember: myopia is a progressive condition, and it’s likely going to worsen before stabilizing. But it isn’t just about vision.

Because the eye elongates when myopia progresses, it can sometimes damage other parts of the eye. High myopia, a condition that can develop later in life, is caused by extreme myopia and can lead to an increased risk of problems like:

  • Retinal detachment: Where the retina pulls away from the supportive tissues, potentially leading to vision loss if not treated promptly
  • Glaucoma: Where the intraocular pressure can damage the optic nerve and cause significant vision loss or blindness
  • Cataracts: The clouding of the eye’s natural lens that leads to a decrease in vision over time
  • Age-related macular degeneration: Where the central area of the retina degrades and breaks down, leading to significant vision problems

By choosing myopia control lenses for your child, you’re not just adjusting their current vision but investing in their future eye health. It’s a compassionate approach that goes beyond simple vision correction.

Try Myopia Control with Henderson Vision Centre

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of myopia control lenses, Henderson Vision Centre is your next step. Our skilled, caring team is ready to help you and your child with myopia control. Book an appointment with our team today, and take the first step towards investing in your child’s future.

Written by Dr. Melina Chow

Dr. Chow received her Doctor of Optometry from the University of Waterloo in 2005. She has been an integral part of the Henderson Vision team for over 15 years, moving back to her hometown immediately upon graduating from university. When she isn’t at the clinic, Dr. Chow runs circles trying to keep up with her two energetic boys. Once she’s had enough cardio, she enjoys baking and planning her next vacation.
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