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Your Eye Health
Maintaining Eye Comfort During the Winter

As residents of Winnipeg, you know first-hand how badly harsh winters can affect our bodies. From chapped lips to dry skin, the freezing cold wind shows no mercy to anyone, or anything. After building up the much needed confidence to go outside, you proceed to bundle up with gloves, hats,…

Published: 2017-02-07Read Article
Eye Injuries in the Workplace: Why Safety Glasses Are So Important

Because you only get two eyes, and we can’t replace them if something goes wrong! Eye injuries in the workplace are common, but they’re also easily avoidable in the majority of cases. Safety glasses are so important because in nearly 60% of workplace eye injuries, the wounded party did not…

Published: 2017-01-13Read Article
Keep Your Dry Eye Symptoms Under Control This Winter With These Easy Tips

It’s about that time of year where we say goodbye to grass-filled lawns and warm sunny days. Winter is just around the corner, and people all over Winnipeg are getting ready to accept its icy embrace. If you’re one of the thousands of Winnipeggers that lives with chronic dry eye…

Published: 2016-11-03Read Article
Strabismus (cross eyed)

Strabismus is a condition where the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. Normally, our eyes fixate to focus on the same object, and move in sync to focus on another. Like its common name, cross-eyed, an often visible misalignment of the eyes occurs causing one eye to focus…

Published: 2016-08-16Read Article
Presbyopia (Aging Eyes)

Presbyopia is a common occurrence and the result of aging, noticeably in those over 35-40 years. It is normally met with gradual onset and characterized by having difficulties focusing close up. Most refer to this condition as ‘aging eye syndrome’ and is a natural progression of the aging process. Common…

Published: 2016-08-16Read Article